Welcome to Big Fish Little Fish

Big Fish Little Fish is a Christian based Montessori pre-primary school and has been serving the greater Tableview / Parklands area for 13 years. The school is owned and operated by Michelle Vamvadelis. Having acquired the business in February 2006, it was transformed into a Montessori school for children aged from birth to 6 years, offering a Montessori learning experience in which children are encouraged to learn at their own pace and in which they gain independence and a love of learning.

Big Fish Little Fish Montessori incorporates four Montessori environments; a nursery for children from birth to 1 year, a feeder class for children aged 1 – 2 years, a toddler’s class for children aged 2 – 3 years and 2 classes for children aged 3 years to 6 years. The mixed age group environment creates an atmosphere where children learn to help and be helped by other children. Each classroom is equipped with age specific materials and activities focusing on the developmental needs of the children at any given time. Children progress from one class to another according to age, ability and readiness.

All the environments are large, airy and designed to stimulate the child’s Absorbent Mind.

All classes have access to a secure playing area.

The school is registered with all the relevant departments and all permanent staff carry a First Aid and CPR certificate and are vetted on the National Child Protection Register.

Children develop self-confidence, independence, and social participation in a community atmosphere.

We discovered that education is not something which the teacher does, but that it is a natural process which develops spontaneously in the human being. ~ Maria Montessori