Moving from JHB to Cape Town was quite daunting for me especially with a 2 year old. But I must say that Big Fish Little Fish made my adaption so much easier. I am so proud of how quickly Jamie is putting sentences together, her manners, and the way she listens. It’s incredible and I am a VERY happy Mommy. Your school has done wonders for Jamie and myself so I thank you, and all the teachers very much for your GREAT work.

Best Regards
Ms T. Blackburn

Big Fish Little Fish Montessori School has aided the development of my little girl immensely. Being a working mother with a hectic schedule I was worried about how I would be able to teach or equip her with the necessary skill set required for today’s fast passed society. Big Fish Little Fish has not only assisted me in this regard but also exceeded my expectation. When we were introduced to the type of learning and equipment the school uses, I was astounded at the educational foundation my daughter is receiving. Square roots, Geography and History? Really? My daughter surprises me with something new every day, and now I need to go back to school to keep up!

Thank you BFLF, I know my daughter is in good hands.
Nicole Leonard

My child has been in attendance at Big Fish Little Fish Montessori for the past five years (since 2010). Michelle Vamvadelis runs a tight ship, as the owner/Principal of the school. My child joined the school at the age of 18 months, and immediately began to grow, develop and be enriched as a result of the tuition she received from the get go. Big Fish Little Fish Montessori is by no means a mere ‘crèche’/child care facility; it is a learning institution, with the teachers constantly having their finger on the pulse of education in the formative years of a child’s life. The school has by thumbs up: from tuition, Biblical values, free-play, outings, extra-mural activities to administration, conduct of staff and the professionalism of the communication with parents.

I count myself BLESSED to have been able to get my child into Big Fish Little Fish Montessori with her always looking forward to her day at school.
Astrid Nagel

I highly recommend Big Fish Little Fish Montessori. The standard of education my daughter received there had her more than ready for the move to primary school. Thanks to Michelle and all the staff for the caring and love you poured on my daughter.

Serén Inns

Michelle has a passion for educating children to become strong independent individuals.

Lizl de Klerk

Returning to work, 6 months after our duaghter was born. Was by far the most difficult thing I ever had to do. It twisted me inside out!! Going back to work & leaving her with a stranger, felt the same as abandoning her by the side of the road. Absolute HEARTACHE!

My husband and I went to look at many daycare’s in the Tableview/Parklands area and were horrified at what we saw! We were faced with a huge dilemma! We had a baby that was suffering from chronic reflux with secondary problems like colic, acid reflux, interrupted sleep patterns and she was easily over stimulated. She needed extra & special care. Most of the Daycare’s we looked at, had a very high child /caregiver rate and we knew that she would not get the attention and love she required!

We heard about big Fish Little Fish by chance and decided to have a look at the school. It turned out to be the last “cleaning day” for the teachers and the school was already closed!

Michelle was extremely helpful. I immediately had a good feeling about the school and I liked the way BFLF operated. Michelle (principal/owner) was not just another “teacher”, but also a mom of young children.

Our daughter has thrived at BFLF!

What sets BFLF apart from other Daycare’s – Your child will receive more attention and love than what you can imagine – not only from the nursery “teachers”, but from every teacher, care giver & the older kids. BFLF is like a small family. All the teachers know all the kids by name. Michelle & staff have an open door policy and are always prepared to discuss any issues and find alternatives. They give detailed feedback about your child’s day at school. They follow the routine set out for your child. They are structured and have set fun and educational routines daily. They share & celebrate the smallest little milestone!

We could not have chosen a better daycare facility for our daughter & we can go to work with peace of mind. We will be heartbroken the day she has to leave the school for “big school”.

Mrs A Bowler

Our 2 children are for the last 3 years in BFLF. They are very happy and content being there.
Our daughter had learning difficulties and the one teacher brought it to our attention and encourage us to take her to see a educational psychologist, which referred us to a brilliant occupational therapist.  I am forever thankful there is a remarkable difference in her responding to a instruction.  The teachers are in tune with the children’s development and needs, loving and kind, and the school owner/principal treats the teachers/children with respect and honour.   If you want a family “feel” for your child I would strongly recommend this school.

Lizelle van Blommestein

Our little girl is in the baby class and we couldn’t be happier with BFLF. She loves her teachers (and she is very Mommy attached so this is a very big deal) and she is so well taken care of. I have arrived at different times and never once was I unhappy with what I found when I opened her classroom door. What a lovely Christian based school, we wouldn’t want her anywhere else.

Ilza King