The School

Montessori 3-6 years:

Big Fish Little Fish Montessori offers two 3 – 6 year environments. A full range of Montessori equipment is available in the older classes covering the areas of Practical Life, Sensorial, Maths, Language, Culture and Arts. Great care and attention is given to creating the Prepared Environment to enable the child’s independence and intellectual development. Montessori’s distinctive learning materials are displayed on open, easily accessible shelves. They are arranged in order of their sequence in the curriculum, from the simplest to the most complex. Each class facilitates 20 children with a Montessori Directress and a qualified ECD facilitator.

Toddlers 2-3 years:

The toddlers class has Montessori equipment as well as activities to provide gross motor skills, fine motor skills, language skills and social interaction with peers and adults. A shorter work cycle is broken up into smaller blocks of Montessori activities, group snack, outdoor activities and art activities which are better suited to their shorter concentration spans. The class facilitates 20 children with a Montessori Directress and an assistant.

Feeder 1 – 2 years:

Our Feeder classroom is specifically designed to focus on the sensitive periods of children within this age group. These include sensory activities (introducing children to taste, smell, sounds, weight and touch) and gross motor development. The class facilitates 15 children with two teachers.

Nursery – Birth to 1 years:

Our nursery facilitates 8 infants with two qualified teachers. A nursery program has been developed which focuses on a different area of development every day. Feedback is given to the parents daily.